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30 Aug 2023

Lightware Launches Pro AV e-Learning Platform

Lightware Launches Pro AV e-Learning Platform
E-Learning Platform Launch

Lightware has unveiled a pioneering, certified e-learning platform, free for both students and professionals within the AV industry. This platform, dubbed Lightware Academy, offers expertly curated content by industry specialists.

Participants can engage with over 10 courses across three primary categories: Traditional AV, focusing on hardware components; AV over IP; and Room Automation and AV Integration. These courses are designed to cater to a range of proficiencies, offering on-demand videos accessible at any time, alongside downloadable materials in PDF and PPT formats.

The course structure is tiered into three levels to accommodate varying expertise levels: Explorer (Level One), centring on real-life scenarios and solutions; Associate (Level Two), delving into technological insights; and Expert (Level Three), focusing on technical specifications, troubleshooting, and system design.

Upon course completion, professionals have the opportunity to validate their learning through a comprehensive quiz, earning a certificate to acknowledge their achievement.

Lightware has plans to expand its course offerings, particularly for levels one and two, in the final quarter of 2023. Updates for level three courses are anticipated in 2024. Additionally, the academy will introduce subtitles in various languages and launch a dedicated app, enhancing accessibility and learning convenience.

Source: Inavate