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Yiannis Cabolis

Yiannis Cabolis

Director of Technology Innovation, Electrosonic

Yiannis has received a Thea Award for his innovative installations with Electrosonic

Yiannis Cabolis is director of technology innovation at Electrosonic, a leading international audiovisual and technology services company. He has played a key role in reimagining and enhancing the theme park experience for over three decades, by asking ‘What if?’ and then applying technology in unique new ways. In his role at Electrosonic, he makes sure that theme park operators benefit from the best possible solutions. He monitors developing technologies, maintains awareness of best practices, drives research and development and strengthens industry and vendor relationships. He is also passionate about developing future talent in the industry, providing mentoring for people at all levels and managing Electrosonic’s START program for new professionals. This is designed to fast-track their careers so that they can make an effective contribution to theme park solutions.