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Antony Lovell

Antony Lovell

Senior Global Market Development Manager, Shure
Antony Lovell works as the Senior Global Market Development Manager at Shure, where he plays a vital role in administering the company's Global Accounts program for multinational corporate entities. He and his team aim to help end users get the best possible results out of their meetings by selecting Shure as their Global Standard for audio solutions. They create and develop these standards to be used globally, and offer on-site support and proof of concepts to ensure the solutions are implemented successfully. Antony and his team also work with other manufacturers to guarantee the compatibility and compliance of complete systems. The focus is always on providing excellent service, attention, and support to customers regardless of their location. Before joining Shure in 2018, Antony spent most of his working life organizing and working on events, ranging from conferences and exhibitions to concerts and product launches. Prior to joining Shure as an employee, Antony was a Shure customer himself. Ensuring that every individual participating in a meeting has a clear voice continues to be his guiding philosophy.