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28 Oct 2023

Provision AVL conducts training at DWTC

Provision AVL conducts training at DWTC
Provision AVL conducts training at DWTC

Provision AVL recently conducted a comprehensive one-week training and maintenance programme for EXE Technology hoists, elevating the operation and safety of Dubai World Trade Centre's (DWTC) events and exhibitions.

EXE Technology hoists play a pivotal role in DWTC's world-class infrastructure, ensuring the efficient and secure movement of equipment and materials. This initiative was designed to uphold peak performance for EXE hoists and empower its team through invaluable training, further enhancing safety measures and operational efficiency.

The training, overseen by EXE Technology's proficient engineer, Gheorghe Pilzaru, covered various aspects of hoist maintenance and operation, including safety protocols, troubleshooting and best practices.

Provision AVL general manager, Kevin Boujikian, said: "Safety and efficiency are paramount in the event and exhibition industry, and our partnership with DWTC reaffirms our commitment to helping clients achieve excellence. Integrating maintenance and training ensures that the hoists at DWTC remain in prime condition, equipping their team to manage these vital components with confidence and expertise."


Source: Pro AVL MEA