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30 Jan 2024

Dive Into Virtual Oceans At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Dive Into Virtual Oceans At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi
Dive Into Virtual Oceans At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi's VR marine experience, launched in May 2023, marks a significant milestone as the first SeaWorld park outside the United States. Owned and operated by Miral under licence from SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, it boasts an investment of $1.2 billion and features the world's largest multi-species aquarium. Located on Yas Island, the park includes eight marine environments and offers over 15 rides, including the groundbreaking Hypersphere 360.

Hypersphere 360: A Revolutionary Ride

The Hypersphere 360, developed by Attraktion and Intamin Amusement Rides, introduces the first-ever 360-degree Dome Ride Theatre. This 17m diameter attraction offers an unparalleled 360-view through a fully covered LED sphere with 75 million pixels, immersing visitors in the ocean’s depths. The ride's unique design supports a rotating and tilting ring, enhancing the underwater exploration experience.

The project, initiated through a tender won by Attraktion and Intamin, evolved from a projector-based concept to an LED-focused design. This shift to LEDs eliminated shadow issues and screen perforations, maintaining image integrity. Intamin provided the seating mechanics, while Attraktion handled the immersive 5D effects, including wind, scent, and lighting, aiming to blend education with entertainment.

Visitor Experience and Technology

Visitors are introduced to the Hypersphere 360 through a holding room featuring LED screens that set the narrative. The ride itself, capable of hosting 1,000 guests per hour, employs Crestron touch panels and Brainsalt video servers for content management. The experience is enhanced by custom-developed LED technology, specially engineered for this project, offering a seamless 360-degree visual feast.

Challenges and Achievements

The project faced significant challenges, including supply chain disruptions and compliance with local health and safety standards. Managing the UAE's extreme heat was also a critical concern, necessitating a controlled environment to protect the LED components. Despite these hurdles, the Hypersphere 360 opened to rave reviews, credited for its immersive quality and innovative use of technology, setting a new benchmark in virtual reality experiences without the isolation of headsets. Markus Beyr, CEO of Attraktion, celebrates it as a mesmerising and unparalleled ride.

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Source: Inavate