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04 Nov 2022

Hypervsn Debuts SmartV Digital Avatar

Hypervsn Debuts SmartV Digital Avatar
Hypervsn Debuts SmartV Digital Avatar

Hypervsn just debuted the SmartV Digital Avatar, a new solution that allows two-way interaction with a digitally rendered human avatar. From banking, healthcare, edutainment and more, Hypervsn says its SmartV Digital Avatar is a solution that will “totally revolutionize your physical customer experience.”

The solution features a series of displays and a SmartV device — Hypervsn says it’s easy to install and even more simple to create your very own branded content for a powerful user experience. Based on the HYPERVSN Holographic Human solution, which runs on pre-recorded content, Digital Avatar takes it a step further by allowing real-time conversations with your customers, thanks to interactive AI capabilities and the scalable “human touch.”

Being available 24/7, this solution will entertain your clients and answer their questions day and night. You can showcase your brand’s creativity & innovation with this cutting-edge technology and endless content options. Starting with navigation guides for store visitors, POS attendants and hotel check-in assistants, the number of user-case options is infinite. And this solution can join your Internet of Things network, adding an endpoint for consumers.

Source: rAVe [PUBS]