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VISICO portable battery studio flash light

Yuyao Vistar Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Hall: Arena Plaza 1 Stand: AR-C35
Main Features 【Build】 strong and sturdy, Light and handy, great features, highlight outdoor shooting quality. 【Lithium battery】 Adapt high-performance and user replaceable Lithium battery, 2.8s fast charging recycling system, 500 full power shoots per charge. 【Power】400Ws flash output, GN68, enough power for on-location shoot. Whether shoot in bright sunshine or low-light environment, VISICO 5 II allow you to get perfect image. 【1/8000s High speed sync】When High Speed Sync function is activated, the maximum sync speed is up to 1/8000s. Optimized and maximum utilization of output power in HSS allows photographers shoot outdoors in bright sun with wide open aperture and fast shutter speed, cut the ambient light, and get amazing result as you want. 【TTL auto flash】VISICO 5II studio flash has build-in TTL receiver function. It is ready for TTL communication with camera attached with VC-818TX TTL transmitter. Photographer can realize proper exposure without adjusting aperture or shutter. 【Exposure compensation】Exposure compensation range is -3.0~+3.0EV, increase or reduce by precision 1/3EV. 【M Manual mode]】Flash output power is adjustable from full to 1/128 (8 f-stops), increase or reduce by precision 1/3EV. 【Multi stroboscopic mode】In Multi mode, VISICO 5 II studio flash release a rapid sequence of shots, can shooting motion trajectory by one shutter, and clearly catch object moving track. 【Channel and Group】VISICO 5 II studio flash adapts 2.4G wireless remote trigger system, has 8 independent channels and 30 wireless radio ID. Under every channel, you can divide units in three groups (A,B,C). 【1/10000S flash duration】1/10000s flash duration, capture splendid instant of fasting moving object.