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VISICO compact LED video light BI-color 200W

Yuyao Vistar Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Hall: Arena Plaza 1 Stand: AR-C35
·Color Accuracy: CRI97+ and TLCI98+ for perfect sunlight-like color. ·Intelligent Cooling: Thermal module with smart heat protection for extended life. ·Versatile Usage: Ideal for photography, live streams, videos, and film shoots. ·Accessory Compatibility: Bowens mount for versatile accessories. ·Adjustable Power: Easily readable display for precise intensity control. ·Uniform Diffusion: Even light distribution to prevent harsh shadows. ·Global Power Compatibility: AC100-240V 50-60Hz. ·Durable Design: Sturdy ABS housing for longevity. ·Major Components: COB and Power module adopt 1st class material, ensuring years of reliable service. ·Wireless Control: Built-in 2.4G receiver for remote operation. ·Quiet Operation: Effective fan cooling with minimal noise. ·Smart Power Management: Intelligent cooling and power optimization. ·Compact & Portable: Small design for easy transportation. ·Smartphone Control: Remote operation via smartphone. ·Quiet Cooling: Effective fan cooling with minimal noise. ·Separate Power Supply Design: Allows for convenient placement and flexibility in power source location. ·Compact and Portable: Small, portable design for easy transportation and use in various settings. ·Constant Power Output with Variable Color Temperature: Ensures consistent power output while allowing for adjustable color temperature. ·Smartphone Control: Intelligent control via smartphone for remote operation. ·12 Special Effects: Offers a variety of 12 special effects for creative lighting scenarios. ·Power Output: Constant power output at 2700-6500K color temperature.  ·Low Blue Light: Effectively blocks radiation and eye irritation.