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Ulanzi CO28 Camera Cleaning Kit For Full Frame Cameras

Shenzhen Ulanzi Technology Co., Ltd Hall: Arena Plaza 1 Stand: AR-F40
Features -- Carry It Anywhere, Clean Anytime: Take all 26 cleaning tools with you in a bag for convenient travel. -- Three Major Issues, One-Time Cleaning: Easily resolves lens dust, floating particles, fingerprint smudges, and water spot residues. -- Wide Applicability: It can clean a variety of high-precision products, including cameras, mobile phones, binoculars, and eyeglasses. -- Sensor Cleaning Swab: Easily removes imperceptible dust and particles, and removes dirt (*Note: Applicable to 24mm, full-frame cameras) -- Wet Cleaning Cloth: Made of nano-level high-density fiber material, comes with its own detergent, no crumbs or edges, vacuum packaged, ready to use after disassembly. -- Cleaning Solution: Mild and alcohol-free, it does not damage the lens coating and easily dissolves stubborn stains. (*Requires use with lens cleaning wet cloth) -- Air Blower: The air nozzle is small for concentrated air output, the air volume is large for easy dust removal, all without harming the lenses. -- Lens Cleaning Pen Pro: Thoughtful and practical design, dust removal and decontamination, safe and convenient cleaning. -- Cotton Swab: The pointed design solves the problem of difficult-to-clean gaps and is used to clean contacts, connectors, gaps, corners, etc. -- Optical Cleaning Tissue Paper: The paper is soft and strong, and will not fall off when wiped. (*Note: It is not recommended to wipe CMOS) Specifications -- Model: CO28 -- Size: 155*74mm -- Net Weight: 212g