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KiCA Jet Fan 2

Guilin Feiyu Technology Incorporated Company Hall: Arena Plaza 1 Stand: A12
1.The Jet Fan 2 improves on the last generation (4-gear speed control) with a stepless speed control. Just by sliding the button, you can get a flexible and quick speed change. From 4m/s to 20m/s, switch as you please. 2.With a minimalist double-cylinder design plus a combination of aviation-grade aluminum and metallic blast, its delicate look and feel will let you hold and play with it for quite a while, even if you don't turn it on. 3.A functional versatile source of reliable airflow, anywhere. 4.Jet Fan 2 can blow air from one end and draw air from the other,and each end is a joint for the blowing nozzle.It flexibly switches from blowing and drawing air,ideal for fast inflation and deflation. 5.With a smaller outlet producing powerful airflow and more attachment options than before, the new Jet Fan is as flexible as ever.