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BARCO MIDDLE EAST L.L.C Hall: Arena Plaza 1 Stand: AR-C30.
I600 Expanded Immersivity    With Barco’s newest I600 single-chip projection platform, visioneered with your specific context in mind, we expand the immersivity of your experiences. The only things shrinking are the weight, dimensions and TCO.   The I600 is designed to offer exceptional color fidelity, high resolution and a long lifetime – boxed into a smaller, lighter unit. Running on the next gen Barco Pulse processing, allowing up to 120 Hz frame rate and pixel-shifting up to 4K UHD, the I600 also makes for smoother images and sharper pixels.   Feast your eyes on its premium image quality and be pleasantly surprised by its exceptional performance, future-proof expandability, and durability.   In short: a compact single-chip projector tailored for many applications from artainment and museums to immersive environments and projection mapping. If you demand the best for your projects, the I600 is your perfect pick.