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01 Mar 2023

System Integration Market: Growth Trajectory and Insights (2023-2030)

System Integration Market: Growth Trajectory and Insights (2023-2030)

System integration market trends indicate a projected expansion from USD 353.92 billion in 2022, with an anticipated robust compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8% from 2023 to 2030. This growth is fuelled by increasing investments in IT infrastructure and dedicated efforts to streamline various applications within these infrastructures.

Catalysts and Pandemic Effects

The principal engine driving market expansion is the augmented infusion of capital, both public and private, into system integration solutions aimed at IT infrastructure refinement. The sector encountered hurdles amidst the COVID-19 outbreak but rebounded from early 2021, thanks to a swift pivot towards digitization and rejuvenated infrastructure investment. System integration's role in amalgamating disparate processes is vital for organisations striving for operational efficacy and market competitiveness.

Sectoral Trends and Evolving Demands

The burgeoning use of information technology across various domains, including defence, telecommunications, oil & gas, and healthcare, significantly shapes the market’s growth trajectory. The anticipated 15% rise in employment within computer-related roles by 2031 underscores the escalating demand for system integration services.

Initiatives by global entities like the World Trade Organization (WTO), United Nations Organisation (UNO), and World Economic Forum (WEF) to foster cross-border investments and enhance global business practices are poised to propel market growth further. A noteworthy initiative is the WEF’s partnership with the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) to initiate a digital FDI program, spotlighting system integration solutions’ potential to attract investments into developing regions and emerging markets.

Collaborative Ventures and Industry Hurdles

Market leaders are actively pursuing partnerships to fortify their service portfolios. Infosys Limited’s alliance with CIRCOR International to overhaul IT services through innovative system integration and automation exemplifies such strategic collaborations. Nonetheless, the industry faces several challenges, including the integration of legacy systems with cutting-edge technologies, a shortage of technically proficient personnel, and the necessity for a standardised network infrastructure.

Segment Insights and Market Dynamics

Dominating more than 36% of the market share in 2022, the infrastructure integration segment is poised for vigorous growth, attributed to the pressing need for resilient, agile, and secure IT infrastructures. Furthermore, the consulting segment is predicted to witness substantial growth, spurred by the demand for specialised services in designing and executing efficient system integration solutions.

Market Prospects and Strategic Directions

With the system integration market on a path of significant expansion, driven by technological advancements and strategic alliances, the landscape is ripe with opportunities for entities to innovate and broaden their global footprint. Despite existing challenges, the sector's future appears promising, offering substantial prospects for innovation and growth.

Source: Grand View Search