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15 Dec 2023

Revolutionising Cardiac Care and Education at Silesian Heart Center with A+V Technology

Revolutionising Cardiac Care and Education at Silesian Heart Center with A+V Technology
Revolutionising Cardiac Care and Education at Silesian Heart Center with A+V Technology

At the forefront of cardiac care innovation, the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases (SCCHD) in Zabrze, Poland, has been a beacon of excellence for over three decades. In partnership with the Silesian Medical University, SCCHD has been nurturing the next wave of cardiac surgery specialists. Marking significant milestones, SCCHD hosted Poland's inaugural heart surgery and heart transplant successfully in 1985.


AV Infrastructure Upgrade

Amidst a comprehensive upgrade, SCCHD aimed to enhance its AV infrastructure to foster a top-notch educational environment without hindering complex surgeries. The challenge was to integrate supreme educational facilities with paramount patient safety and clinician convenience. A+V, a leading Polish AV integrator, took on this challenge following a competitive tender, crafting a solution that married flexibility, scalability, and impeccable audio-visual quality.


Project Execution

Under Marcin Bogaczyk's leadership, A+V's team embarked on this expansive project covering treatment rooms, seminar spaces, and an auditorium across multiple buildings, integrating AV, control systems, and IT infrastructure to support seamless education and medical practice.


Innovative AV Solutions

Central to this project is the Crestron AVoIP-based system, ensuring expansive and future-proof signal management. This system underpins the venue's educational mission, transmitting detailed surgical procedures into learning spaces with crystal-clear clarity and zero compromise on sterility or privacy.

The innovation extends into each space within the SCCHD. From the immersive 23mx7m LED display welcoming visitors, through to the state-of-the-art operation theatres equipped for live educational broadcasts, every detail is meticulously planned. This includes wireless audio-visual transmission capabilities, interactive seminar rooms, and the ability to conduct high-quality video conferences, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.

Notably, the arena and co-working spaces boast high-end AV setups, accommodating both large-scale events and intimate collaborative sessions. A+V's solution emphasises adaptability, with the Crestron AirMedia system allowing seamless device connectivity, bolstering both the educational and operational facets of the centre.


Collaborative Technology Integration

This project was not without its challenges, operating within a bustling hospital required flexibility and sensitivity to the institution's rhythm, often necessitating night shifts and adaptable planning. A+V's strategic approach, coupled with their technical prowess, ensured the integration of cutting-edge technology without disrupting the centre's life-saving work.

The choice of technology, driven by A+V's expertise, underwent rigorous testing to ensure suitability and reliability. The partnership with SCCHD was collaborative, with extensive client involvement from commissioning to a comprehensive training program for staff, underlining the project's success.

The Silesian Center for Heart Diseases, powered by A+V's technological mastery, now stands as a global leader in cardiac care and education, where future medical professionals can learn from real-world procedures in an environment equipped with the best technology, reflecting SCCHD's dedication to excellence in both patient care and medical education.


Source: Inavate