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15 Nov 2023

Samsung And Google Forge Ahead with Revolutionary 3D Audio Collaboration

Samsung And Google Forge Ahead with Revolutionary 3D Audio Collaboration
Samsung And Google Forge Ahead with Revolutionary 3D Audio Collaboration

Samsung and Google have embarked on an ambitious collaboration to craft a cutting-edge spatial audio format, poised to challenge the likes of Dolby Atmos in the realm of immersive sound. This partnership has birthed the Immersive Audio Model and Formats (IAMF), a pioneering technology designed to redefine 3D spatial audio. Officially recognised by the Alliance for Open Media (AOM) in October 2023, IAMF stands as the inaugural open-source audio tech to gain AOM's endorsement.


Development and Goals of IAMF

Spearheaded by Samsung's Visual Technology Team and in collaboration with Google, this project aims to revolutionise how audiences experience audio in content, ensuring it's delivered as creators intended. IAMF introduces a standardised approach for the seamless audio data transmission, allowing for an intricate multi-directional sound that envelopes the listener from every angle, including vertically for an elevated auditory experience.


Enhancing Audio with AI and User Customisation

Leveraging AI and deep learning, IAMF dynamically analyses scenes to accentuate content nuances, intelligently adjusting audio levels to enrich the viewing experience. This includes refining dialogue clarity and music intensity, ensuring every sound detail is perfectly balanced.

Furthermore, IAMF empowers users to tailor sound settings to their liking, from boosting dialogue to enhancing sound effects, adding a layer of personalization to content consumption.


Future Directions and Integration

WooHyun Nam, leading the spatial audio division at Samsung Research, shares their vision: "3D audio immerses you into the scene, bringing sound to life with precision and depth. For content creators to fully embrace 3D audio, accessibility to the necessary technology is crucial. Our goal is to democratise 3D audio technology, providing an open-source framework that spans creation, distribution, and playback, thereby enriching audio content for the future. Our ambition doesn't stop here; we envision advancing 3D audio technology so that users feel completely immersed in any movie, TV show, or live event they experience, and we are committed to integrating this technology into Samsung smartphones."


Source: Inavate