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28 Oct 2023

Provision AVL Conducts Training At DWTC

Provision AVL Conducts Training At DWTC
Provision AVL Training

Provision AVL recently led a detailed one-week training and maintenance programme at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) focused on EXE Technology hoists, which are crucial for the venue's event and exhibition operations.

EXE Technology hoists are integral to the seamless functioning of DWTC, facilitating the smooth and secure handling of equipment and materials. This programme aimed to maintain the hoists' optimal performance and provide the DWTC team with essential training, thereby bolstering safety and operational effectiveness.

The training, delivered by EXE Technology's expert engineer, Gheorghe Pilzaru, encompassed hoist maintenance and operation, safety procedures, troubleshooting, and industry best practices.

Kevin Boujikian, General Manager of Provision AVL, emphasised the significance of the initiative: "Safety and efficiency are vital in the event and exhibition sector, and our collaboration with DWTC underscores our dedication to supporting our clients in achieving excellence. By combining maintenance with thorough training, we ensure that DWTC's hoists are maintained to the highest standard, empowering their team with the knowledge and skills needed to handle these critical elements proficiently."

Source: Pro AVL MEA