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13 Sep 2023

One in four hybrid working schemes rolled back says Kinly research

One in four hybrid working schemes rolled back says Kinly research
One in four hybrid working schemes rolled back says Kinly research
New research from Kinly shows that one in four hybrid working technology setups installed during the pandemic are being rolled back due to ‘rushed’ AV installations.

UK AV professionals, quizzed by Kinly, work across banking, finance, healthcare, energy and the public sector, with 150 professionals surveyed overall.

Of the 150 surveyed respondents, 39% noted that their organisation did not have enough time to supply the right technologies during the Covid-19 pandemic.

An additional 32% reported that the rush to adapt to remote working also has the potential to undermine security.

Organisations that are navigating the roll back are now assessing what technology needs can be kept and what can be swapped out.

For 43% of AV professionals, network infrastructure remains a top priority for many, while virtual ‘townhall’ technologies and office displays continue to play a key role (41% and 40% respectively).

Kinly’s research also revealed that businesses are re-evaluating their needs around securing digital space and collaboration software (39%).

Taj Ghere, UK regional managing director, Kinly, commented: “Covid-19 was a tough time for everyone, and it’s understandable that so many organisations had to rush to change. Now however, as we look back on the decisions made, it’s essential that businesses consider whether the technologies they selected are right for their long-term business goals. Many organisations thought that working from home would be a temporary solution to the crisis, but have since seen the benefits of flexible and remote working for their staff, their businesses, and their bottom lines.

“In the face of the ‘great roll back’ security considerations will be paramount, but this is also our chance to ensure that technology choices are maximising productivity and giving employees the best possible hybrid-working experiences. Those that rushed their installations last time should not risk making the same mistakes twice. They need to work with specialist AV partners to ensure that their second approach is right – first time. By focusing on precision, security, and simplicity, organisations can forge a path toward sustainable success in the era of hybrid work.”


Source: Inavate