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20 Nov 2023

Could Monitors Be the Key to Enhancing Hybrid Work Experiences?

Could Monitors Be the Key to Enhancing Hybrid Work Experiences?
Could Monitors Be the Key to Enhancing Hybrid Work Experiences?
The widespread adoption of hybrid work has presented a new set of challenges for businesses worldwide, with the most significant being how to enhance overall working experience while still maintaining productivity when teams are dispersed.

While many strategies and tools have been implemented by companies to support their employees in this new mode of collaboration, monitors are often overlooked, possibly because they seem so fundamental.

However, the demand for improving the modern workplace continues to increase, and business monitors are projected to be one of the driving forces in the global PC monitor market until 2025, according to a report from IDC. In this article, we explore the ways in which business monitors can play a key role in enhancing hybrid work experiences and productivity amid these evolving priorities.

Diverse Hybrid Work Scenarios Call for Adapted Tools

Hybrid work can take on various forms, each presenting its unique set of challenges and opportunities. An employee working daily in an open office space won't have the same needs as someone who alternates between a home office and hot desking, a road-traveling salesman, or a web developer. Despite these differences, they all share a common need: adaptable tools that enhance their well-being and overall hybrid work experience. For organizations, the search for such tools is a strategic decision to meet the constantly evolving demands of the modern workplace, balancing well-being, productivity, agility, and aesthetic appeal for their employees.

Simplified Team Meetings and Communication

Effective communication is fundamental to the success of any organization, and its significance is amplified in hybrid work environments. When operating in a hybrid setting, connecting with colleagues, establishing relationships, and fostering collaboration can present unique challenges, especially when teams have never met in person. 

Webcam monitors, featuring integrated high-quality webcams and microphones, have become invaluable tools for bridging the physical distance gap while eliminating the hassles of dealing with technical glitches. This ensures clear and seamless video conferences and virtual meetings without the trouble of setting up a separate webcam and other external devices. The more advanced models, such as the ViewSonic VG2756V-2K, even include AI noise-cancellation technology for improved audio quality, and built-in LED lights for a professional, camera-ready appearance. Moreover, the design of a pop-up camera ensures privacy and security when the camera is not in use. 

Enhanced Multitasking Efficiency

In a hybrid workplace, multitasking can be a bit of a mixed bag. It offers flexibility but can also detrimentally affect focus, productivity, and stress levels, particularly in the absence of a dedicated workstation or when working from less-than-ideal environments with various distractions. Balancing multiple tasks while maintaining quality work remains a persistent challenge in this environment.

The emergence of ultrawide monitors offers an ideal solution to meet the demands of the hybrid work landscape. With their expansive screens, multiple windows can be comfortably opened simultaneously, allowing applications to be transitioned between seamlessly, all on a single monitor. A recent publication has even shown that working with a larger screen can enhance information absorption and improve memory. The new ViewSonic VG3419C offers these benefits on a 34-in curved screen with stunning UWQHD resolution.

Clutter-free Workstation

With USB-C becoming the industry standard for device connectivity, the introduction of USB-C monitors adds to the promotion of a clutter-free work environment by simplifying connections. ViewSonic USB-C monitors provide a one-cable solution, capable of charging your devices directly, and transferring audio, visual and data at high speed all through one USB-C cable. This simplifies the workstation for employees, promoting better concentration by minimizing cable clutter. The adoption of USB-C by the newly launched iPhone 15 series also unlocks new productivity possibilities for Apple users who rely on their mobile devices for work.

Fostering Employee Well-being

The well-being of employees, both physically and mentally, is at the core of a thriving and sustainable workplace. While mental well-being can be nurtured, physical well-being is often at risk due to extended screen time and prolonged sitting. Extended exposure to digital screens can lead to issues like eye and neck strain, fatigue, and discomfort, which, in turn, can disrupt sleep and hinder overall productivity.

Prioritize monitors with features like blue light filters as they effectively mitigate the negative impacts of prolonged screen exposure. ViewSonic monitors are equipped with Eye ProTech technology, providing flicker-free experience and software settings for adjusting blue light filtering. Some advanced monitors come with Eye ProTech+ which features a built-in low blue light screen and flicker-free technology, which help combat digital eye fatigue without compromising image quality. Furthermore, monitors with ergonomic design in mind enable users to personalize their viewing angles using adjustable stands, promoting a healthy posture and ensuring maximum comfort for employees.

Productivity On-the-Go

Not every task requires being physically present in the office, and this realization has sparked a shift in productivity trends and mindsets. The modern workforce values the idea of productivity on the go. Whether it's working from home, using co-working spaces, or even during a daily commute, professionals are finding ways to maximize their efficiency outside the traditional office environment.

In this era of work flexibility, ViewSonic portable monitors have become indispensable tools. These compact, lightweight, and versatile secondary screens empower individuals to sustain their productivity while on the move, offering extra screen real estate to streamline tasks and projects without being confined to a specific location.


As the demand for hybrid work continues to grow, business monitors now offer more than just screens as productivity tools; they also provide comfort, flexibility, and technology designed to enhance the daily work experience. These tailored solutions are perfectly adapted to the new work paradigm, fostering efficiency while improving overall employee well-being and workplace experience.


Source: Inavate