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07 Apr 2023

Masterpiece Brings Audio To Life Within The Dream Hotel

Masterpiece Brings Audio To Life Within The Dream Hotel
Audio Masterpiece

The Dream Hotel, nestled in Dubai's bustling Business Bay district, recently opened its doors, boasting a myriad of state-of-the-art venues across its 20 levels. From the tropical vibes of Cavo restaurant lounge to the exclusive beats of Vice nightclub and the dynamic performances at Yume, the hotel offers a rich tapestry of dining and entertainment options. At its pinnacle, Flo presents a New York-style rooftop VIP lounge, affording guests breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa.

Tailoring Sound for Exceptional Experiences

Despite the Ramee Group's decision against background music in the foyer and public areas, they required impactful sound reinforcement systems for their main venues. Masterpiece took on this challenge in 2018, tasked with designing audio systems to be installed by the hotel's engineering team, led by Azhar Khan Mohammad Shafique. In collaboration with Delta Al Wadi Contracting, the building contractor, Masterpiece infused each venue with unique, Harman Pro-equipped audio solutions, featuring JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, and BSS DSP.


For Cavo, Masterpiece devised a system comprising 12 JBL VRX932LA line array modules in a left-right configuration, enhanced by six VRX918 subwoofers for deep bass. Crown i-Tech4 3500HDS amplifiers power the setup, ensuring wide coverage and impeccable sound. Additional JBL SRX812 speakers mounted on walls ensure no corner is left untouched by the vibrant beats. DJs benefit from JBL Eon715 monitors, with a DBX 360 Driverack managing loudspeaker functionality.

Ruby 2

The Ruby 2 banquet hall on level eight received a tailored audio setup, featuring four JBL VTX A8 cabinets and B18 subwoofers, all driven by Crown amplifiers. This configuration guarantees comprehensive coverage and a rich sonic experience, down to the finest detail. Dual JBL EON 615 monitors complete the DJ's toolkit.

Level 19

The large, Arabic-style club on Level 19 enjoys the clarity and depth of a JBL VRX932LA system, augmented by a robust array of JBL subwoofers and powered by Crown i-Tech 4X3500 amplifiers. The arrangement ensures an enveloping sound that matches the club's grandeur, supported by six JBL SRX812 enclosures for uniform room coverage and dbxDriverack 260 processors for precise sound management.

Audio designer Allot Sanchez emphasised the integral role of the audio systems in enhancing guest experiences, encouraging relaxation, enjoyment, and repeat visits.

As the Dream Hotel expands, including a fourth-level venue currently under construction, Masterpiece's bespoke audio solutions continue to be a cornerstone of its entertainment offerings. This ongoing partnership with the Ramee Group underscores Masterpiece's reputation for delivering exceptional audio environments.

Source: Pro AVL MEA