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21 Mar 2023

Five Ways Digital Signage Can Help Revive Movie Theatres

Five Ways Digital Signage Can Help Revive Movie Theatres
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In the wake of COVID-19's impact on in-person moviegoing, digital signage presents a beacon of hope for rejuvenating the cinema experience and enticing film enthusiasts back into theatres.

Building Better Engagement

Cinemas have adeptly incorporated innovations such as online ticket sales, advanced seat reservations, comfortable seating, and diverse food and beverage options to enhance customer experience. Yet, the rise of on-demand streaming services necessitates a further technological leap. Implementing digital signage throughout the customer journey—from the moment they approach the theatre to the end of their visit—can significantly boost repeat visits.

Outside the theatre, direct-view LED (DVLED) displays capture the attention of passersby with vivid, high-resolution imagery of showtimes, movie trailers, and dynamic content. These displays are crucial for drawing in new customers and generating excitement among patrons.

Large-Format Displays

Inside the lobby, large digital displays serve up real-time movie schedules and trailers, effectively promoting current and forthcoming films. These digital alternatives to traditional posters not only entertain guests and reduce perceived wait times but, with interactive capabilities, also engage customers more deeply with the cinema's offerings.

Digital menu boards in the concession area play a pivotal role in enhancing the cinema experience. By showcasing appealing images and information about food and drink options, these screens encourage additional purchases while allowing for instantaneous updates to menu offerings and promotions.

Inside the Theater

Projection quality is paramount in enticing audiences back into theatres. Theatres employing 2K or 4K projectors offer unparalleled image clarity, ensuring movies, especially those in 3D, are viewed as intended. The right projection technology is critical in competing with the home viewing experience.

Time and Attention

Capturing and maintaining the audience's attention is essential. Digital signage throughout the cinema journey ensures a captivating, immersive experience from entrance to exit. It's not just about providing quality entertainment; it's about creating an engaging, memorable experience that encourages repeat visits.

Digital signage is more than a tool for engagement; it's a strategic asset for cinemas aiming to thrive in the post-pandemic landscape. By leveraging this technology, theatres can offer an enriched, interactive experience that resonates with audiences, ensuring their return.

Source: Commercial Integrator