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04 Nov 2022

China's First Pro Esports Venue Trusts EAW to Achieve Even Sound - Here's Why

China's First Pro Esports Venue Trusts EAW to Achieve Even Sound - Here's Why
EAW Sound Systems

Hangzhou Esports Center, China's inaugural professional esports arena, has selected Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) for its superior sound system needs. This decision comes as the venue, with its unique starship design, seeks to capture the essence of the dynamic and immersive world of esports. Achieving clear and consistent audio in the venue's vast space, known for its lengthy reverberation times, posed a significant challenge due to the stringent audio demands of esports events.

Zhejiang Dafeng Industry, in collaboration with EZPro, was tasked with the sound system provision, opting for EAW's extensive range of products. The installed system includes 36 EAW KF810P line array systems, 12 SB818P|F single 18-inch subwoofers, six SB180zP compact high-output subwoofers, and various EAW fill speakers, all meticulously designed using EASE4.4 and EAW Resolution software to ensure optimal sound field simulation.

The arrangement features six clusters of six KF810Ps for uniform sound coverage, complemented by SB818P|F subwoofers for enhanced low-frequency response. Centrally suspended above the venue’s LED screens, this setup guarantees immersive audio experiences from any seat in the house.

Ground-level SB180zP subwoofers add depth and intensity to the esports atmosphere, crucial for player audio cues. Additional fill speakers and portable stage monitors ensure complete infield coverage, delivering an unparalleled audio experience during competitions.

The system's debut at the “Naraka: Bladepoint” Martial Arts Challenge was met with acclaim, satisfying the high expectations of both participants and organisers. Li Zule of Zhejiang Dafeng Industry lauds the EAW KF810P for its exceptional coverage and sound control, proving ideal for large-scale events.

Looking ahead, the Hangzhou Esports Center is poised to host the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou Esports Competitions, promising top-tier sound experiences for future events.

Source: AV Network